Brewing guide to make a great AeroPress at home

coffee in 12 grams
water in 224 grams
coffee out 200 grams
brew ratio 1 : 16.7
brew time 3.00 min
temperature 93 degrees celcius
roast Filter Roast (light)
fresh 1 — 6 weeks from roast
origin to personal taste

This brewing guide is a starter for any AeroPress coffee recipe, it will guide you through many small steps to get a great pour. You can always tweak it to your taste and learn, that's the fun in coffee!

Weigh and grind your coffee with precision so you are sure everything is according to the recipe. If you have any questions or your home setup is not complete yet, visit the bar and we'll help you out.


  1. boil water to 93 degrees, or untill it auto-stops
  2. place filter in holder and rinse with hot water
  3. preheat your cup or server
  4. preheat your AeroPress
  5. place AeroPress in inverted position
  6. place AeroPress on scale and tare (0gr.)
  7. grind coffee to `medium-fine` size, see reference
  8. add coffee to AeroPress (12gr.)
  9. tare scale (0gr.)
  10. start timer [0:00]
  11. pour water to 100% of total (224gr.)
  12. wait untill 30 seconds [0:30]
  13. stir with spoon to loosen up the coffee
  14. screw on lid with filter
  15. let it brew for a total of 3 minutes [3:00]
  16. gently remove AeroPress from scale
  17. place your server on top of AeroPress
  18. hold steady and reverse AeroPress with server together
  19. push down the AeroPress gentle and consistent, until you hear air going out
  20. fully pushed down, your brew is finished [3:30]

Above steps are guidelines and can be adjusted according preference and taste. A different grind size for example will change the taste. All coffees will release different flavours during a brew, meaning you can play with the recipe to find your personal brew.

general AeroPress tips:

  1. coffee won't bloom when it's an old(er) roast
  2. never push your AeroPress down while on a scale
  3. position your AeroPress rubber correctly to avoid coffee spillage (explosion)
  4. stir clockwise and remember your pattern
  5. gently push down the AeroPress, don't rush a brew
  6. learn from your success brews and mistakes, it will help you in future brews
  7. filter coffee cooled down will release additional flavours