33rd Street Coffee

Specialty Coffee Bar in Rotterdam,
serving single-origin coffee and delicious pastries.

Located at Kleiweg 109-A, Rotterdam, our relaxing bar with clean design is open on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 8:30 till 16:00.
Sunday from 10:00 till 16:00.


The custom made bar
Seats to relax
High quality Jing tea
Coffee and gear for at home
Serving coffee to stay and take away
Sunny vibes at the front

Current coffees

Espresso — Finca Sebastian
refreshing & sweet / mandarin / maple syrup
Producer Fernando & Angie van Finca grew this great berry on 1800 meters before Giraffe Coffee roasted it. The Milenio variety is a relatively large berry, which makes it perfect for a Red Honey process. Combined with this coffee's overall quality, it results in a high SCA cup score.

Filter — Strato Berry
tropical fruit / grapefruit / banana
V60 and AeroPress both result in a "heavenly fruit dessert"-like drink. It is natural processed, high in body, and the combination of various fruits is a real summer vibe. This coffee from East Uganda is naturally processed and high in body.

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Brewing Guides

AeroPress V60 Finca Sebastian — Espresso Gesha Spirits — Espresso Gesha Spirits — AeroPress Gesha Spirits — V60 Santa Maria — Espresso Strato Berry — AeroPress Strato Berry — V60