Santa Maria — Espresso

Brewing guide to make a great espresso at home

coffee in 19 grams
coffee out 39 grams
brew time 26 — 28 seconds
name Santa Maria
land Colombia
region Huila
altitude 1600 - 2100 meters
variety Caturra, Castillo, Tabi, Colombia, Typica
process washed
body medium
flavor profile sweet, orange, cardamom

From the southern region of Huila in Colombia, the town of Santa Maria. This region is known for its soft coffees with medium body, gentle sweetness , and hints of citrus. It also adds a bit of recognizable cardamom, which works well with both milky and pure espresso drinks. We love this coffee so much; that we serve a second harvest in a row.

We always make a double shot of espresso to be as consistent as possible. This way the possibility of both under- and over-extraction is limited. Therefore we advise you to use the filter basket designated for a double shot. Every machine should come with one, if not please visit your preferred supplier and get one.

Weigh and grind your coffee with precision so you are sure everything is according to the recipe. If you have any questions or your home setup is not complete yet, visit the bar and we'll help you out.


  1. ready your machine
  2. preheat your cup
  3. clean your portafilter
  4. place the portafilter on scale and tare (0gr.)
  5. grind coffee to `fine` size, see reference
  6. add coffee to filter (19gr.)
  7. level and tamp the coffee
  8. place cup on scale and tare (0gr.)
  9. place filter with coffee in machine
  10. place cup under machine
  11. start espresso program + start timer
  12. brew for 26 — 28 seconds
  13. when finished, place cup with coffee on scale
  14. scale should display ~ 39 grams
  15. enjoy your espresso

general espresso tips:

  1. when brew time is too short, grind more fine
  2. when brew time is too long, grind more coarse
  3. make sure your coffee is flat when tamped
  4. discard one dose of coffee after adjusting your grinder
  5. add 1:1 amount of water for an Americano
  6. this recipe is a guideline and can be adjusted according preference and taste