Brewing guide to make a great V60 at home

coffee in 17.6 grams
water in 335 grams
coffee out 300 grams
brew ratio 1 : 17
brew time 3.00 min — 4.00 min
temperature 93 degrees celcius
roast Filter Roast (light)
fresh 1 — 6 weeks from roast
origin to personal taste

This brewing guide is a starter for any V60 coffee recipe, it will guide you through many small steps to get a great pour. You can always tweak it to your taste and learn, that's the fun in coffee!

Weigh and grind your coffee with precision so you are sure everything is according to the recipe. If you have any questions or your home setup is not complete yet, visit the bar and we'll help you out.


  1. boil water to 93 degrees, or untill it auto-stops
  2. place filter in dripper and rinse with hot water
  3. preheat your cup or server
  4. grind coffee to `medium` size, see reference
  5. place dripper on cup or server
  6. place server with dripper on scale and tare (0gr.)
  7. add coffee to center of filter (17,6gr.)
  8. tare scale (0gr.)
  9. start timer [0:00]
  10. pour water twice the amount of coffee (35gr.)
  11. swirl dripper if not all coffee is wet
  12. bloom coffee till 30 seconds [0:30]
  13. slowly pour water to 50% of total (165gr.)
  14. wait 30 seconds [1:15]
  15. slowly pour water to 100% of total (335gr.)
  16. let it brew untill dripper is half-full [2:00 - 3:00]
  17. stir with spoon to losen up the coffee
  18. swirl dripper a last time
  19. let it brew and finish [3:00 - 4:00]

Above steps are guidelines and can be adjusted according preference and taste. A different grind size for example will change the duration, just like a faster / slower pour. All coffees will release different flavours during a brew, meaning you can play with the recipe to find your personal brew.

general V60 tips:

  1. when brew is finished too fast, grind more fine
  2. when brew is finished too slow, grind more coarse
  3. coffee won't bloom when it's an old(er) roast
  4. use a gooseneck kettle to control the water flow
  5. pour water on the coffee, not on the filter
  6. pour water in circles to distribute evenly
  7. take your time and don't rush it, it will ruin your brew
  8. learn from your success brews and mistakes, it will help you in future brews
  9. filter coffee cooled down will release additional flavours